Election Night

Tonight, Eric and I took a cold walk to the elementary school around the corner so that we could vote together. While I could have gone earlier in the afternoon directly from school, we decided it was important to experience this milestone as partners. I’m grateful we did.


In 2008, I voted largely based on my gut but probably didn’t do my due diligence in researching the candidates and their stances on the issues that were most important to me. This year has been vastly different; I’ve been an election news junkie. I have listened to every bit of NPR I could, watched the news religiously, and read countless articles representing the views of both sides. In the end, I voted for the person I believe will help to shape the kind of nation I want to live in, the kind of nation I want for my babies to live in – one where equality and compassion for all is held as our most central and precious value.


As Eric and I settle in to watch the election results roll in, a plate of brownies ready either for celebration or for drowning our sorrows, I also can’t help remember how I spent this night four years ago. At the time, I was living in a cozy apartment in Boston with my best friend and her then-boyfriend (now husband.) We had a quirky Three’s Company vibe going on, and on that early November night, we sat three-in-a-row on our cushy yellow couch, a united liberal front, hugging and wiping tears as we watched history being made.


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