Freshly Pressed!

As blogs go, mine is really in its infancy. Before today, no one outside of my closest friends and family knew this blog existed. A mere six posts in, I hadn’t even put the link on Facebook.

So imagine my genuine astonishment at the good fortune of being Freshly Pressed. It meant that I went from two readers two days ago (and zero yesterday) to 644 today, from two comments (one lovingly written as a note of acknowledgement by a close friend) to over 40. I’m incredibly grateful for and humbled by the encouraging, strengthening, affirming words that you have shared in response to my Pressed post.

I hope you’ll continue to come back and visit me as I wade into this second year of teaching. At the very least, there are sure to be some funny stories along the way. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed!

  1. Yesterday evening, I was looking something to read about in freshly pressed. Then, I found your article “A Return to My Purpose” ; I really liked it because of the theme and the way you expressed your ideas. I believe there are a lot of bloggers and English learners (as myself) who would really benefit from reading your blog, so, I thought, may be you can write some articles about structure of an article and English grammar in general. I’m sorry if I am impolite.

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