Restlessness: Part 2

Ok, so maybe I wasn’t being completely honest in my previous post about a particular source of my restlessness. You see, ever since our wedding, and even in the month or so leading up to it, Eric has developed a serious real estate habit. Most nights at home, we’ll each plug into something. For me, it’s usually episodes of some Real Housewives franchise on Hulu. (Don’t judge me!) For Eric, it’s the Zillow app on his iPad. He’ll surf through dozens of homes in the area, excitedly sharing with me the ones he likes best.


I should explain that we have no urgent need to move. We rent a reasonably priced (for the area anyway), if somewhat small, two-bedroom apartment outside of Boston. Aside from the lack of a dishwasher and closet space, we’re doing ok here. Despite the recent wave of new dishes and silverware and vases that has come with getting married, we’ve found a spot for everything with enough room left over for our cat, Sonya. With no plan to expand our little family any time soon, it stands to reason that we could stay here for a while. Happily, too, since we love where we live.


Why then do I all of a sudden have this serious desire to leave our cozy apartment behind in favor of a place we can own? Perhaps part of me feels like it’s the next logical step we should take. What comes between marriage and babies if not a house to put babies in? I’ve always been an anxious planner, and once I know a certain event or step in life is approaching, it’s hard for me to resist rushing it along. The real estate market, with its low interest rates, really isn’t helping matters. So instead of taking our time transitioning into married life, it sometimes feels like we’re sprinting toward the next big milestone.


Even so, I’ve been encouraged by a number of people not to hurry this process, to spend the next year collecting data, to ease off the pedal a bit, and that makes sense to me. Ultimately, I trust this restlessness will subside once September rolls around, when the urgency I feel right now surrounding home ownership will be supplanted by teaching stress. Then maybe I can approach the process of buying our first home with less restless anxiety and a bit more curiosity and patience.


2 thoughts on “Restlessness: Part 2

  1. Don’t rush! My husband and I just bought our first house this summer. It has been a wonderful adventure, but it has also been extremely stressful and expensive. My advice – spend a couple of years researching the market. Save up a good deal more than your down payment, to take care of closing costs + inevitable unexpected repairs and renos. It looks like you’re also grappling w/ the early stages of your teaching career – combining this with a home purchase is a lot of pressure. Home buying is not to be taken lightly!

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